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CBDA 1000mg Gel Roller

CBDA 1000mg Gel Roller

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This formula was developed for those with an active lifestyle who want a non-greasy, convenient roll-on applicator that won’t break or leak when you are on the go. We have formulated this CBD rich menthol gel to smell fresh and feel cool without overpowering you. Research  points to CBDA as the new darling for reducing discomfort, and even more effective when combined with CBD.  With 1000mg of CBD/CBDA in each bottle, you get powerful relief with each application, while feeling invigorated by all the essential oils. We highly recommend combining this with our CBD/CBDA tincture to address additional issues.  Whether you are a hard-core athlete, week-end warrior or just experiencing the soreness that comes from injury or aging, this 1-2 punch combination has got you covered. It will help your sore muscles and joints recover faster and keep you active and moving.

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